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How Close We Are in Making Moon Base for Space Tourism

Moon based space tourism started taking shape Moon based space tourism started taking shape

Tourism is nothing new and there are millions of people across the globe that travels from one place to another. So far; tourism was confined to earth only and the longest travel distance was the international travels from one end of the planet earth to another end. Any concept of interplanetary travel was beyond human perception as it was considered to be an impossible feat to achieve. However, the scenario dramatically transformed when Neil Armstrong put his foot on Moon; the nearest planet to earth. Since that time the concept of Moon based space tourism started taking shape.

How close we are to Moon Base Space Tourism?

The question is how close we are to building up a moon base for space tourism? Even before that the question that arises is why Moon among all the planets? To get the answer a look at the following facts would be proper.

  • In terms of distance; Moon is the nearest planet to earth;
  • Planetary research on Moon started long ago that started with first unmanned and then with humans as space traveler to the planet;
  • In comparison to any other planets more facts are available with the scientists due to consistent probing; and
  • Scientists consider that it will be possible to set up habitation on Moon in near future.

All the countries in possession of advanced space technologies claim that it will be possible setting up colonies on Moon within a couple of decades.


Probability of Moon Tourism

The way things stand at present; moon-based space tourism looks like the most achievable tourism in near future.

  • Till now any space travel aiming at tourism on the moon has not been made available to private tourists;
  • However, the space scientists expect that private companies will be able to offer Moon tourism for clients during 2023-43; and
  • As the competitions grow in the field the sky-high cost of Moon tourism and space travel is expected to come down considerably making it more affordable.


Types of Moon Tourism

According to space scientists, there will be three types of travel and tourism package for space flights with destination Moon. These are-

  • Circumlunar trajectory;
  • Lunar orbits; and
  • Lunar landing flight.


Contents and Cost of Moon Tourism

Travelers opting for Moon-based space tourism would be concerned about the contents and costs involved in the tour. The projected features and costs of each type of space flight by scientists and companies are as follows.

  • Space travel providers may charge $150 million per person. It includes month-long preparatory training and other related expenses but there may be no moon landing;
  • Cost per traveler in case of lunar orbits could be in the range of $200 million or even more, and

In the case of Lunar landing tourism, the cost could skyrocket to $750 million per traveler.


Expansion of Moon Based Space Tourism Concept

Source: NASA space tourism posters

In recent times the tourism in space has included the vision for setting up habitation on other planets. Moon has been the first one declared for setting up such colonies whereas research on possibilities of creating such habitation in other planets is also in progress. Space tourism is no more confined to traveling and come back but is scientists are seriously contemplating developing a permanent residence on the planets and Moon stands out as the first choice for the purpose. The only problem in this regard is finding more about the dark side of the moon which is yet to be explored for tourism and habitation.


Motivational Factors Leading to Moon based Space Tourism

Many motivational factors are leading to the growth of Moon based space tourism. Some of the major motivational factors are –

  • Putting one’s foot on Moon that we so far viewed as an object in the night sky and getting listed with the others that put their foot on Moon. 12 persons completed the feat as part of six Appolo projects;
  • Feeling of weightlessness while landing on Moon as the weight will be 6 times lower on Moon in comparison to traveler’s weight on earth;
  • Many astronomical and unusual experiences during travel; and
  • Discovering scientific data and information on Moon.


Current Scenario on Commercial Space Tourism to Moon

As already stated above; no direct travel to Moon has yet come up but as expected there may be a beginning in Moon tourism within the next 3 or 4 years. While some of the commercial companies have projected such travel and Moon-based space tourism the first commercial space flight with destination Moon is yet to emerge. A big obstacle also is the huge prices for such travel and tourism that is beyond the affordability limits even for many millionaires and the potency is limited to only a few billionaires. Also, government-based organizations like NASA is yet to approve Moon landing tourism and they have only approved the travel to the Space Research Center currently in orbit. 


Space Tourism Race on Flying to Moon

Like all other areas of the tourism industry, space tourism is also experiencing substantial competition from one another.

  • Companies like SpaceX announced back in 2017 that they would take two travelers on space in 2018 but it did not materialize; and
  • The revival of the project was ruled out due to the Covid19 pandemic outbreak.


Top Projects on Space Tourism

To learn about the current status of space tourism a look at the top projects would be relevant. Some of the top projects are-

  • Moon Orbit project of California based SpaceX company;
  • Virgin Galactic launched by British billionaire Richard Branson; and
  • Blue Origin was designed by Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon Company.

Other projects are developed by countries like China, Germany, and India but they may still take some more time to come up with the complete project for space tourists.  The only country that has successfully sent travelers for space tours in Russia that started by sending an American businessman named Dennis Tito in the year 2001.

The bottom line of all these is that Moon bassed space tourism is no more a myth but a reality and scientists are consistently on the job bringing up innovative ways of such tourism. Moon as the nearest planet is targeted for the establishment of human colonies there and it is only a matter of time that such projects start coming up.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 08 September 2021 00:33

My name is Georgios Gregoriadis. I am an experienced physicist with a strong background in Astronomy. I graduated from the University of Ioannina in 2002. I am a private teacher and owner of this website.

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