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Blue Origin mission 20 July

Blue Origin first spaceflight with Jeff Bezos Blue Origin first spaceflight with Jeff Bezos

At the press conference following the Blue Origin spaceflight, Jeff Bezos revealed a new charitable initiative. 

On 20th July 2021, Jeff Bezos became the second billionaire to reach the edge of space, and the best part is, he did it inside a spacecraft manufactured by a company he founded. The Amazon's founder, who stepped down as CEO earlier in July 2021, took off early Tuesday within the same month alongside three crewmates on the first-ever flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft. It’s indeed a turning point for mankind, opening new doors to space tourism. 

Previously it was Richard Branson, the British billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic as the first-ever person to fly into space within his spacecraft back on July 11. So competing against a fellow billionaire Richard Branson, Bezos launched in his spacecraft “blue origin” alongside his brother Mark and two other passengers. The two were Wally Funk (an 82 years old aviation pioneer) and Oliver Daemen (an 18 years old Dutch Student). As per the reports, Wally Funk is the oldest ever person to fly into space and Oliver Daemen is the youngest to fly into space. Both of these passengers have indeed made a remarkable history and would be remembered for a long time.

The self-driving New Shepard, which comprises of a rocket topped by a capsule, took flight in the morning on 20th July 2021, from Blue Origin's “Launch Site One” in the Van Horn’s West Texas town. The capsule took off to space with Jeff Bezos, along with two other history-making passengers. The capsule was reported 351,050 feet (107 kilometers) above Earth before landing in the West Texas scrublands by parachute. The rocket landed back on earth successfully in a vertical direction, powered at the landing zone designated for the spacecraft. Its landing was marked by a thunderous “sonic boom,” as well as loud cheers from Blue Origin employees who were on hand to witness the flight’s landing through the naked eye. The amazing part is, all this experience (launching and landing) took only 10 minutes in total. However, those 10 minutes were lifetime experiences for passengers making history.

As per the experience regarding space travel, the members of the crew of Blue Origin unbuckled their seatbelts and hovered in weightlessness for a few minutes, shouting enthusiastically as they saw the beautiful sights of space through the window. The spacecraft began to fall over the 62-mile line that marks the globally accepted space boundary. Parachutes assisted it in successfully landing back on Earth around 10 minutes after takeoff.

The rocket sped fast as it devoured its supply of super cold “liquid oxygen” and “hydrogen propellants,” causing the passengers to push back in their “recliner-style seats” with approximately three times the normal force of gravity. Upon landing, Bezos said “It was the best day ever,” and further added that the feeling of accomplishment was “unbelievably good.” He even mentioned that the crew members felt really happy regarding the whole space travel experience.

The mission set by Jeff Bezos was a big dream, and a step towards a new era of space tourism. Blue Origin's “10-minute flight” on 20th July of 2021, was a game-changer for the company. In comparison to industry rivals SpaceX (established by Elon Musk), and Virgin Galactic (established by Richard Branson), the firm has remained relatively secretive about the creation of its spacecraft. Blue Origin, like Virgin Galactic, which sent Branson into space on July 11, expects to begin offering client trips on New Shepard later this year. As per the news from the company’s insights, up to six passengers will be able to experience the brief thrill journey to space, which includes weightlessness (for 4 minutes) on those flights.

In recent years, Bezos, who stepped down as CEO of Amazon to focus on Blue Origin (the space firm he created in 2000), has sold approximately 1 billion dollars in Amazon stock each year, just to fund Blue Origin. Apart from the recent trip, Blue Origin is also working on more ambitious initiatives. The spacecraft named New Glenn is designed as a lunar lander and a bigger rocket that might transport humans into Earth orbit and beyond.











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Last modified on Wednesday, 08 September 2021 00:05

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