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Facts To Know If You Want To Become A Space Tourist

Facts to know if you want to become a space tourist Facts to know if you want to become a space tourist

We are living in the Age of Space for more than half of a century so that travelling into space remains extremely uncommon. Less than 600 individuals have crossed the Kármán line, the point which is approximately 62 miles above Earth's surface. This line is marked as the beginning of space and all of the people went there by the U.S. or another nation's government.The perspective of the idea of space tourism has been taken to a very advanced and modern level by offers from companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Orion Span. However, when American Dennis Tito paid millions of dollars to a Russian Space unit, the very first space tourist actually travelled into space.

But emerging private spaceflight companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are rising nowadays which is a good sign for ordinary people. The main objective of these companies is to make the final frontier be within reach of a great many more of us. The space units have declared their plans to put private astronauts and space tourists on orbital or suborbital space tours in the upcoming years.


What makes space tourism attractive?

Some aspects like excitement for riding a space rocket and the ability to experience weightlessness for beginners are of great importance. It is also said by the experts that the biggest benefit of traveling into space is getting a new outlook on life on the fragile blue marble we call house. It is a very good point of view that could have intense signs not just for people but also for society at large.

Virgin Galactic plans are great to offer suborbital jaunts into space and the space tourists being treated to round about six minutes of weightlessness. The Las Cruces, New Mexico-based company gave a statement according to which more than 600 customers have registered, including Leonardo DiCaprio,  Ashton Kutcher, and Katy Perry. The cost of a single space ticket is 250,000 dollars and the registration is open for anyone who has that kind of cash on hand.

Major companies that will help you to become a space tourist

The market of space tourism is growing and has gained popularity all the time and there are many businesses that are collaborating in activities within the space tourism industry. If you are hoping to be a space tourist, many companies are offering the best opportunity of achieving that dream.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is an essential part of the wider Virgin Group. This space tourism company aims to offer regular suborbital space flights for paying individuals. In December 2018, Its current spaceplane, VSS Unity, reached outer space as the part of its testing process that brings the possibility of commercial aviation flights closer.


SpaceX is a very experienced company when we talk about launching space-bound flights. The company is now hoping to get on board the space tourism bandwagon. But unlike other companies that are working in this arena, they prioritise lunar tourism and other types of space travel by extending it beyond Earth orbit.

Blue origin

Nowadays, Blue Origin company is the major competitor for VirginGalactic, if we talk about the terms of suborbital space travel tourism. But their space tourism offering is based on a more conventional spacecraft which is known as the New Shepard. This spacecraft vertically takes off and lands and their targets are to move towards orbital spaceflight. This space tourism company has performed many test flights and has now planned to put paying customers into space soon. But unlike Virgin Galactic they have not yet started registering and taking money for tickets. Their plans include placing up to six individuals on each space tour.


The Boeing Company has emerged as a major player in the aviation industry as it has signed an agreement with NASA as a part of its Commercial Crew Development programme. This programme was basically designed to accelerate the rate of involvement from private sector agencies in the development of crew vehicles to be launched into orbit. Boeing has now started work on the production of a crew capsule as it was part of the agreement. This project is called the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. The company’s contract with NASA offers them the opportunity to sell seats to space tourists and customers.







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Last modified on Wednesday, 08 September 2021 00:23

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