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Why is space tourism important?

Space tourism has potential importance Space tourism has potential importance

1.  It frees the spatial ambition of traditional cargo.

The bold plan to put men on the Moon was backed by politicians and backed by billions of taxpayer dollars. By the time men set foot on the Moon, NASA's budget had already been cut. Subsequent American, Russian and European space programs, from the shuttles to the International Space Station (ISS), have suffered from political compromises and lack of ambition.

Private space flights, on the other hand, are not burdened by the favors of taxpayers or the whims of politicians. If the company can raise money, it can build a spaceship. Inevitably, this free market favors those who already have a lot of money. However, this does not apply to all companies in the private space sector.

"We don't have multiple billionaires funding us," admits Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR. For him, the construction of a suborbital tourist boat is part of a long-term strategy. "We need to start seeing what fully reusable orbital systems look like and develop older versions to learn how to build them."

2.  Reduced cost of space access

Now, if you want to launch a satellite, it will cost more than up12m, which is before compulsory insurance (sometimes the price can be increased by 2 times). Conventional space rockets cannot only be used once but are also very expensive to launch and competition is limited.

Compare that to the flying 250,000 costs of flying on a reusable virgin spacecraft. Scientific institutions have already signed up to conduct pilot experiments on these suborbital flights. If the next generation of spaceflight can reach orbit, this will significantly reduce the cost of entering space.

This means that satellites, spacecraft, and space exploration missions can be launched at a fraction of the cost. The final frontier could become economically viable for many people.

This is certainly what excites Virgin Galactic CEO and former NASA employee George Whitesides. "By reducing the cost of access to space, we can send small nanosatellites all over the solar system and do this amazing science. I think it would be profound if we could address some of these challenges by demonstrating access to space technology.”

The great potential importance of “space tourism"

There are 4 fundamental reasons why it is important for “space tourism" to become a large-scale and dynamic space activity:

A.     As the end of the self

This could become a broader and ever-growing area of space activity than the areas of communications, navigation, positioning, remote sensing, and space-related information...

B.     As a way to reach the other edge of space

Providing services to such a large market will reduce the unit cost of producing and operating spacecraft, namely the dollar per pound or per capita, and the cost of living of foreigners.

It is estimated that the federal tax generated by startups with multiple sources of the annual revenue of 1 10 billion will fund most of our private space programs.

And having a lot of people who are personally and directly involved in space will give greater constitutive support to our federal civil space program and help us understand what to do in space, and what to do with it.

C.     As facilitators of other space activities

Achieving the technical and operational advances necessary to effectively serve this important new market will facilitate and encourage the launch of new large-scale activities/programs, such as space solar energy, space sports, space research (especially life sciences related to human aging), exploration, and colonization of the human solar system.

D.     As a clear expression of the character of our society

The United States and other democratic countries are made up of egalitarian societies. Therefore, whatever else we do in the universe-whatever else we do! -- We should see Earth's universe begin to be open to all our ordinary citizens.

That is, we need to put more emphasis today on civilian space programs with an emphasis on "bringing space to the people," as well as, "Bringing our people into space."

3.  Eras of Exploration

The concepts of discovery and Exploration have been frequently discovered in space literature recently, with a new vision of space exploration called the Spirit of New Discovery, promulgated by President Bush in 2004/1. The same concept is highlighted in the report of the Aldridge Committee on the implementation of the United States Space Exploration Policy, entitled “A Journey to Inspire, Innovate and Discover”. The question “should we explore?” "It must be considered in a deeply historical context, not in the context of modern politics or whims.

Historians believe that the period of discovery in the FIFTEENTH and SIXTEENTH centuries, associated with European explorers as the sailors Prince Henry, Columbus, and Magellan, the second period of the EIGHTEENTH and NINETEENTH centuries, characterized by other expeditions geographical, as the voyage of Captain Cook, supported and promoted by the scientific revolution, the third period starting with the International Geophysical Year and Sputnik, mainly associated with space exploration, but also with Antarctica and the ocean.

The historian Stephen J Pyne argues, “Exploration is a particular invention of a particular civilization made in a particular historical period. This is not the case... Universal property of all human society. Not all cultures have explored or traveled much. Some have been content to exist in xenophobic isolation."

More Advantages of Space Exploration

Exploring the universe has been mankind's dream for several centuries. People in history could see the stars and study the motion of the planets with telescopes to find out what else is there. Today, space exploration is not only possible, but there are many benefits that we can enjoy and appreciate. These are some of these advantages of space exploration.

Unify the nation

If there's one thing the whole world can take, its space exploration. Countries may struggle to go with respect to Planet Earth, but everyone wants to explore the universe. With the infinite possibilities of the universe, countries can come together in this theme 1 to achieve something.

Disaster forecasting

Some say that the question of the cost of space exploration outweighs the fact that one day can lead to the prediction of natural disasters. Scientists believe that exploring space and space models will help give an idea of the next great flood, tsunami, tornado and even earthquake. It may be a few years from now, but pursuing it as a goal may be one of the great benefits of space exploration. It already helps scientists predict climate conditions beneficial to farmers and ranchers.

Improved medical equipment

Exploring space has helped the medical field a lot. As a result of space exploration, advances have been made in the medical field, including devices that can detect cancer before it spreads too much and laser eye surgery technology. In addition, space exploration has developed safety devices such as smoke detectors and flame-retardant clothing and textiles.

New scientist

There are many youngsters who are interested in the idea of space exploration. As a result, they pursue a scientific education so they can live off their passion for the study of the universe and all it has to offer. Many of the new generations of scientists are entering the field for their love of space exploration.

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Last modified on Monday, 06 September 2021 21:40

My name is Georgios Gregoriadis. I am an experienced physicist with a strong background in Astronomy. I graduated from the University of Ioannina in 2002. I am a private teacher and owner of this website.

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