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Important Facts To Know About The Effects Of Accidents On Space Tourism

Space accidents  could create difficulties for the space tourism industry Space accidents could create difficulties for the space tourism industry

Space tourism is the major aspect of the aviation industry that gives tourists a chance to become astronauts. Space tourism was started to experience space travel for entertainment or business purposes. But space tourism is very expensive so a very small part of customers are able and willing to buy a space experience. Gagarin became the first man to travel in space in 1960 and he also began the commercial jet age and the accidental crash rate for commercial flying was 36 each million departures annually. By the start of 2013, commercial aviation the crash rate reduced and the crashes per million departures had considerably reduced to 2.8.


Harmful effects of accidents on space tourism

It is said that crashes, accidents and other problems show that space travel is far away from being a safe technology to be suitable for space tourists. The major problem in space tourism is space travel's crash rate. Regardless of the fact that they are the most successful spacecraft systems, they still fail more than 5%of the time. Virgin Galactic's spacecraft now has the same failure rate due to having crashed after only 23 powered test space flights. But this crash rate can be brought down if you put space tourism equivalent with climbing Mount Everest which is a dangerous activity but still it attracts nearly more than thousand wealthy and adventurous customers annually.

Space science still has a failure rate of approximately 4 to 5% which is a very considerable rate. Aerospace Experts say that crashes and accidents of the spacecraft have proved a setback for the fledgling arena of space tourism. But it can not stop an industry that has attracted a huge number of adventurous and ambitious billionaires such as Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk from growing. They are still trying to open a gateway for ordinary people of their Country to travel into space. The customers of Virgin Galactic's would head to space solely. Might be possible that this level of danger could scare off consumers of spacecraft and ruin their business. Although hundreds of people have registered to pay 250,000 dollars for a short flight aboard SpaceShipTwo but some have gotten afraid after knowing about the recent accidental space crash.


Incidents with spacecrafts

When we talk about space, the order of magnitude of dangers and risks becomes higher. The US Space Shuttle has flown 135 times with two disastrous crash accidents before its retirement in 2011 on the other hand the Russian Soyuz rocket flew 123 times and similar to US space Shuttle two accidents occurred with it. For human space flight, there is a roundabout 65% chance of something going wrong with a spacecraft. This can be sometimes accepted by some astronauts who are used to dangers and risks but it's not good for wealthy and adventurous customers. Virgin Galactic was not going into the specified orbit, but there is a difference between space and aviation that serves to indicate the problems that are faced by safety designers.

You can say that the long-term effect of the crashes on the commercial aviation industry will be slight but it can create difficulties for the businesses that have already suffered the losses in a very short term.



The first basic step for moving towards an advanced type of regulation where the manufacturers of space launch systems, space habitat operators, etc. are totally separate from independent regulators. They could come in the portion of subsystems' surveys and certifications. When such environment safety examinations are happening, IV&V the certifications could be overviewed and regulated in many distinctive ways. This might be done by either governmental firms, independent inspectors/laboratories, or other designated firms that would offer completely separate surveys and certification for safety to the manufacturers of launch systems, the risk management and launch insurance agencies.

In the field of safety the main target at the systems and subsystems level would be to separate more completely the player and the referee. This should be applied to both commercial space-flight units and the public space units. It will prove to be the great move beyond chemical spacecrafts where every launch system was based on a small explosive and a high-risk event to a new atmosphere where the systems are reusable so that they did not involve dangerous and highly explosive systems.






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Last modified on Monday, 06 September 2021 23:01

My name is Georgios Gregoriadis. I am an experienced physicist with a strong background in Astronomy. I graduated from the University of Ioannina in 2002. I am a private teacher and owner of this website.

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